Ashburn Laser and Skincare Clinic, our medical director, Dr. Nasrin Ejtemaee, and our team offer cosmetic and body contouring treatments at our office in Ashburn, Virginia.

What you need to know about HydraFacials

There are numerous skin care treatments designed to address everything from fine lines and wrinkles, to sun damage and sagging skin. Some treatments are targeted to address a specific issue, while others generally improve the tone and overall appearance of your skin.

For example, if you’re worried about acne scars or fine lines and wrinkles, a dermaplaning treatment is a good option that provides deep exfoliation to reveal fresher, smoother skin.

HydraFacials are designed to provide a comprehensive treatment that includes cleansing, exfoliation, and a protective layer to infuse your skin with moisture and vital nutrients.

So how do HydraFacials work? We explain here.

They’re noninvasive

HydraFacials use vortex technology to remove the dead skin cells and impurities that clog your pores, dry out your skin, and make it harder for your skin to retain moisture (even if you already have a good skin care routine in place).

Since the treatment is noninvasive, you don’t have to worry about taking extra time to heal or recover after your treatment.

HydraFacials work on all skin types

Since HydraFacials are noninvasive, they generally work for all skin types. Before your HydraFacial appointment or any treatment, we conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your skin’s health, your skin care routine, and your goals in order to recommend the best treatment for your needs.

They consist of three steps to cover all the skin care basics

The first step is a cleanse-and-peel to remove dirt, dead skin, and other impurities.

The second step includes extractions with suction to gently deep-clean your pores, and deep moisturizers to rehydrate your skin.

In the third step, we infuse your skin with a layer of peptides and antioxidants to seal in the moisture and leave your skin with a glowing, dewy finish.

How often should you get a HydraFacial?

It depends. After the first HydraFacial, a follow-up treatment every four to six weeks can help you maintain the results.

Our team works with you before and after each treatment to help you find the skin care regimen that works best for you.

For more information about HydraFacials and other aesthetic treatments available at Ashburn Laser and Skincare Clinic, contact us today to schedule a consultation at our office in Ashburn, Virginia.

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