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Freshen Up Winter Skin With a Rejuvenating Hydrafacial®

Freshen Up Winter Skin With a Rejuvenating Hydrafacial®

Depending on the climate where you live and factors like your age, health, and lifestyle, the winter months can be especially harsh and take a noticeable toll on your skin. 

From dry, chapped skin to eczema and psoriasis flare-ups, your normal cleansing and moisturizing routine may need an overhaul or boost in the winter.

Hydrafacial® is an all-in-one treatment designed to cleanse, hydrate, and fortify your skin through the harsh winter months. Our team at Ashburn Laser & Skincare Clinic offers a range of skin care and body contouring services at our office in Ashburn, Virginia.

Freshen up dry winter skin with a rejuvenating Hydrafacial

The winter can mess with your skin in a number of ways. Cold air outside and artificial heat indoors can make your skin dry and chapped. Maybe you’re using a heavier moisturizer than usual to keep your skin hydrated, which is a good idea but may also lead to buildup on your skin. 

Over time the buildup of dead skin cells, makeup, and residue from skin care products can act like a barrier that actually makes it harder for products to penetrate and rejuvenate your skin.

A Hydrafacial consists of three components designed to rejuvenate your skin:

The first step is a gentle and noninvasive exfoliating and resurfacing treatment to remove dead skin cells. Then we clean your pores using gentle suction for a deep clean. We also infuse your skin with moisturizer, as Hydrafacial’s fusion technology exfoliates, cleans, and replenishes your skin simultaneously. 

Finally, we infuse your skin with a serum and peptide layer for an extra dose of protection and hydration. Even in the dead of winter, you walk out with a vibrant glow.

Is Hydrafacial right for you?

Hydrafacial is a gentle and noninvasive treatment, which makes it a good option for most skin types. Regular exfoliation and extractions are one of the best ways to keep your skin clean and fresh, and to ensure that your regular skin care routine is as effective as possible. 

The infusion of moisturizers and serums is an added benefit for winter-weary skin.

If you have sensitive skin or a specific skin problem like rosacea, acne, or eczema, Nasrin Ejtemaee, MD, and our master estheticians recommend the best treatment and skin care regimen for your needs. We offer a range of options, from facials to laser skin resurfacing

For more information about Hydrafacials and other skin care and rejuvenating treatments available at Ashburn Laser & Skincare Clinic, contact us today to schedule an appointment with a master esthetician at our office in Ashburn, Virginia.

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