All types of healthcare professionals use lab testing to diagnose disease and assess general health and manage treatments. Naturopathic & Functional Medicine doctors go beyond the basic testing standards that have been in place for many, many years. With time, science evolves and so should your doctor’s understanding of tests & which are most pertinent to YOU the individual given your story and background. We do not merely match the tests with your diagnosis, which is the case with many western doctors & practices, in our eyes a mere diagnosis does not tell us what is going on with you the individual at a biochemical, physical, mental or emotional level. With functional lab testing at Ashburn Laser & Skincare Clinic, the experienced team looks for the root cause of your chronic condition or symptoms so they can develop a more targeted, individualized treatment plan to improve your physical, mental & emotional health. Skin health starts within, the gut & the mind body connection plays a huge role here. To schedule lab testing, call the offices in Ashburn and McLean, Virginia, or book online.

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What is functional lab testing?

Functional lab testing refers to various tests that naturopathic doctors have been using for years to get to the root cause of your symptoms & dis-ease. Many western doctors in recent years have come to realize the truth in how a mere diagnosis is not enough and by going by the gold standards for treatment – many patients do not get better. Why? Because we should not be treating the disease, but actually the individual person sitting in front of us. Now, those western doctors have gone back and undergone more training to become integrative functional medicine doctors, who also have access to this eclectic lab testing that we like to call functional lab testing. These tests go beyond the traditional blood tests – newer collection methods include: saliva & urine. At Ashburn Laser & Skincare Clinic, the team uses these advanced tests to gather objective data about your overall well-being and paired with your story (subjective data) come up with a short & long term treatment plan to address all your systems that may be affected. Functional lab tests provide a more complete picture of your individual health needs in a holistic manner. Along with basic lab testing, which includes [[CBC with diff, CMP, CRP, lipid panel, thyroid & iron panels which many western doctors actually don’t run fully ]], we offer advanced, eclectic & functional labs.

What are some types of functional lab testing?

  • Gastrointestinal Lab Testing
    • for IBS, SIBO, gas, bloating, etc… leaky gut & microbial analysis
  • Comprehensive Hormone Testing:
    • Sex hormones (estrogens [E1, E2, E3 + metabolites], progesterones (precursors and metabolites), testosterone, DHEA-S)
    • Adrenal & Stress hormones (cortisol & cortisone)
    • Liver status
    • Melatonin levels
  • Nervous System & Endocrine Hormone Testing
  • Advanced thyroid testing
    • a full thyroid panel is crucial to rule out any potential autoimmune reactivity… different than disease. Disease is when it’s progressed. Reactivity is the earlier stages which is much easier to heal.
  • Mold & Toxin Testing
  • Metabolic Function & Nutrient testing
  • Allergy & Sensitivity testing (food, environmental, other)
  • Autoimmune Testing
  • Immune System & Infection Testing
  • Neurological Testing (Neurotransmitter, Alzheimer’s, Autism panels)
  • Genetic testing:
    • 3X4 Genetics Test + Blueprint Report by 3×4 genetics – the only genetic tests that the team trusts since it gives you tangible, valuable information that you can act on. This test contains 36 key insights and several practical, personalized, recommendations for patients to start taking control of their health. Dr. Noosha believes health is a delicate and complicated balance between our genetics (the DNA blueprint) & our lifestyle (aka the choices we make on a daily basis). Many genetic tests out there look at a SNP (single nucleotide polymorphism), meaning they are looking at a single gene mutation in isolation. This test is unique because it compares single genes and looks how they interact with each other and how this affects all your organs on a cellular basis. By understanding your predispositions, we can be proactive and practice preventative medicine by making targeted lifestyle & supplement recommendations. 
  • Please note that functional lab and genetic testing are not included in the cost of your visit. Dr. Noosha will make recommendations for advanced labs she deems needed upon discussing with you during your visit which can be sent directly to your door. All testing is completely optional, but do note that you get them at a discounted retail rate. Also, if the tests require blood work, you will get a list of phlebotomists near you that you can schedule to get your blood drawn or just walk in!