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It’s frustrating when you work hard to eat right and stay active, but certain areas of your body don’t change despite your best efforts. The aesthetics team at Ashburn Laser & Skincare Clinic uses the Exilis® system to perform radiofrequency body contouring, a safe treatment that doesn’t require surgery or downtime. Clinical studies have shown that body contouring with the Elixis leads to a visible reduction of size in the treated area. To schedule a consultation, call the offices in Ashburn and McLean, Virginia, or book online.

Body Contouring Q & A

What is body contouring?

Body contouring at Ashburn Laser & Skincare Clinic is a nonsurgical procedure that uses radiofrequency (RF) energy to target fat cells beneath the surface of your skin. Body contouring isn’t a weight-loss treatment. It’s designed to reduce unwanted pockets of fat in areas that don’t respond to diet and exercise. 

The team of aesthetics experts uses the Exilis® system to create definition and tone in problem areas and can reduce the circumference of targeted areas, such as the tummy and thighs.

How does body contouring work?

The Exilis system uses innovative technology to deliver focused radiofrequency (RF) waves that gently heat fat cells to the point of damage. Your body’s waste removal system then eliminates the destroyed cells gradually, revealing a more defined physique that looks and feels naturally beautiful.

Which areas can body contouring address?

The experienced specialists at Ashburn Laser & Skincare Clinic use the Exilis to address unwanted fat almost anywhere on your body. The most common areas for body contouring include:

  • Upper and lower back
  • Upper and lower abdomen
  • Upper arms
  • Bra line
  • Buttocks
  • Hips
  • Thighs

The Exilis system is also effective for cellulite reduction as well as skin tightening on the face or body.

Is body contouring painful?

The advanced technology of the Exilis system offers impressive body-sculpting results without needles, surgery, anesthesia, or downtime. Treatments last 15-30 minutes, and you can expect to feel some warmth and pressure during your Exilis procedure. Many patients find the treatment relaxing, similar to a hot stone massage.

When will I see results?

You may notice results shortly after your first body-contouring treatment. Because radiofrequency body sculpting works with your natural waste-removal processes, full results appear gradually over a period of up to three months.

How many treatments will I need?

How many treatments you need depends on your body-contouring goals, the area you’re having treated, the amount of fat to be removed, and other individual factors. Your expert at Ashburn Laser & Skincare Clinic designs a customized treatment plan to meet your unique needs. Typically, two to four treatments are required to create the stunning silhouette you seek.

If you’re discouraged because your best efforts haven’t given you the definition you’d like to see, schedule a body-contouring consultation with a skilled expert at Ashburn Laser & Skincare Clinic. Call the offices today or book your visit online.